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Flash Charts

I have been working on a business intelligence application recently and did a lot of research for a Flash based library to build out dynamic charts. There are a number of players in the market, some free and some even open source. I ended up choosing a product called amCharts which seemed very flexible and the pricing was generally lower than the competition. You can download and use the charts for free with the “chart by amCharts” text in the top left corner, this comes in handy when evaluating. Being savvy with JavaScript, I liked the fact that there was a powerfully API behind the charts for data and settings manipulation. As such, there is no need for postbacks or tedious AJAX calls.

Another selling point was the ASP.NET control library they offer which made development much quicker. I also chose the developer license to get the full Flash source code for some custom modifications. One last cool feature is the chart builder at http://extra.amcharts.com/editor/ which makes visualizing the charts and generating the settings file a breeze. Charts like this can really add some “wow” factor to an application. They have an active community forum, plenty of documentation, and a helpful staff so check them out.

Click here for a quick demonstration of a dynamic pie chart inside a draggable box which should be ready for release soon. If you are interested in the demo source you can download it here. Check out their website for more demos and details.

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  • Very cool, professional looking charts, I was actually looking for a charting library to create a sales projections plug-in for my Shopping Cart, will look into amCharts.

  • This is another cool possibility of flash chart
    It is open source withe LGPL Licence.

  • The charting tools from Amcharts seem to be a good buy.

  • We use amCharts on our project at 77Tool.com (no public access). They integrated easily, look great, and impress the users.

  • splatzone

    This is very, very cool. There's a guy on our teen coding forums (http://young-developer.com) who might be interested in this since he's been looking for some nice charts. I'll need to recommend this to him.

    Thanks! Subscribing! 😀

  • Gaz

    These are the best looking charts I have seen so far 🙂

  • We use verity amcharts for http://www.macroaxis.com . they have really cool financial charts too which works great for medium data set. we do see slight performance degradation with very large data set (>10000 points or so). take a look on website for live example

  • Those are very attractive… And flashy too, just the kind of thing that clients love to eat up.

    I'd love to find something this nice that's free (no link in the upper corner) and possibly even open source.

  • Its great. I also used one called PHP/SWF charts in my project. But this looks more cool. The only problem with them is they cant be included in an email news letter. I had to use static images for daily reports email then.

  • wow!! thats amazing ….charts animation, xml based and easy to config ….

  • Matt

    Nice work! I think amcharts are really under-rated. Would love to see you post more examples of chart interactivity like this.

  • You can as well try the <a href="http://www.extendstudio.com/product/dynamic-web-charts-dreamweaver-fusioncharts-developer.html">FusionCharts for Dreamweaver</a> extension to generate Flash Charts from DW.

  • Ticker

    Try also FlyCharts (www.flycharts.net), as it also have helpful online wizard and lots of AMUSING features.

  • There are also some other nice charting libraries for flash:
    fusioncharts, open flash charts, highcharts – and you may also want to have a look at the google charting api.

    If you´re looking for real-time charts our Cronimon SmartCharts might be interesting for you: smartcharts.cronimon.com