Big Changes for 2010

Happy new years to everyone! I wanted to announce that as of yesterday I am working independently again, focusing my efforts on building my web development company, Refina. This change also means I will finally have time to be more active in the development community and work on some of my start-up concepts. I will be releasing new scripts starting shortly and begin writing more about web development in general. I will also likely be re-branding to something more generic and am looking for guest authors so please contact me if you are interested.

I am actively seeking web design and application development projects both small and large. Let me know if I can ever be of assistance or if you know anyone who I should talk to. Hope you all have great 2010!

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  • jazzi

    Best wishes to your born company and be big successful in 2010!!!

  • I'm glad to hear that Michael. You have the skills to make Refina a big name. All you need now is a little luck.

    Have a nice 2010!

  • Alex

    Hallo Michael
    Ich wünsch' dir alles Gute für den Start!

  • Wishing you loads of success in general for the years to come and for 2010 in particular!

  • I still dont have a site yet but soon I will I find your labor very impressive and a reking great resource for people to learn dude I thank you for givin some of us the opportunity to learn from you fine work mate keep it up like that. greets from mexico I wish you the best for 2010.


  • Dan Seichter

    Best Wishes Michael for a prosperous New Year! I want to take a moment and thank you for all of the effort that you put into your site and the scripts you share with the community…and at no charge. Your development efforts are appreciated especially from hackers like me that want more of small and efficient and seek to eliminate client-side bloat.

    Best Regards!

  • Best wishes to your and be successful in new year

  • This site, the tutorials and the author are one of the rarest thing the world has ever seen.
    It's really <strong>amazing</strong> and very <strong>nice</strong> to share this treasures.
    I hope you will not get bored to help us in this new year.

    Happy New Year to you and your relatives !

  • Adrian

    Michael, all the best wishes to you and your new endeavor (btw, great name). It’s quite rare these days to find web development that strives for small footprint and elegant looks and I’m sure Refine will offer it. I bow before your web development skills and applaud your effort to build and share all the amazing code here with us.
    Cheers, Adrian

  • honey

    hi micheal, fistly all best wished to your succesful…
    i just want to know…did you have event calendar code?

    have a nice 2010..

  • I am sooooooooooo grateful for your sharing of the scripts to the Slideshow!! Thank you!

    Mia Bella Baskets

  • Ricardo

    Felicitaciones y mucha, muchísima suerte en tu emprendimiento. Es excelente lo que has hecho y por sobre todas las cosas es sumamente destacable el hecho que compartas tus conocimientos y acciones con la comunidad. Es del carajo.

  • Greetings Michael. I found you by googling 'accordian css'. Good luck on the newly found independence. Can I ask what part of the world you are in (I know, in today's world some clients still want to know if they can get face time…)? I'm back to FT work and I still get leads for web design / and dev projects.

    All the best,
    David Martinez

  • Happy New Year to all.

    Seven Web Solution
    Kanpur U.P. India

  • Awesome article! Hope for great things to come in this new year!

  • Hope you are having a great time in building your business.

  • 6months in now, hope all is going well in the big wide web all on your own!!! I am currently developing my own site to go at it alone on a part time basis and it is quite a daunting thought. Maybe a little story of your success so far will boost my spirits! ;D

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  • Hope you are having a great time in building your business.


    Thank you for sharing to us.

    Please one more post about that..

  • Alisha Saim
  • adumpaul

    Nice article.Hope you are having great time in this year.

  •  I thank you for givin some of us the opportunity to learn from you fine work mate keep it up like that.

  • Jetrowenson

    Thank you very much for these resources Michael., this would be very important for a beginner like me. Thanks, more power SIR..

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