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jQuery has become a popular choice among web designers and developers because of the user’s ability to create websites with more personalization schemes without the need of using extensive coding. As the web designing trend pursues the image and slide presentation approach, there are many jQuery slider plugins that are now available at your disposal for free. With so many choices out there, here are the top 10 fabulous free jQuery sliders that you can use to narrow down your options.

1.      Responsive Slides

responsive slides

This jQuery slider uses a plugin that provides for a responsive slider that comes with an element that is within a container. The slider is highly compatible with multiple browsers like the Internet Explorer 6 and higher. If you are using a native browser that does not support the slider, the plugin comes with a CSS max-width support to optimize the browser’s ability to display the sliders. The slides are displayed either in automatic fading of images or shows the images in pagination and navigates to fade between the slides manually. You can also wrap the images on links, write captions, show multiple slides and set up the transition and the timeout duration for each slide show.

2.      Basic jQuery Slider

basic jquery slider

The major feature of this jQuery slider is being minimalist and lightweight. It comes with a clean semantic markup that aims to deliver simplicity of use to its user. The Basic jQuery slider only uses the essential functionality of using a slide which you can tweak for designing using CSS and JavaScript in order to create interesting yet simple slides on your presentation. This is a great option for those looking for a simple interface on their slider with a minimal design to work on their slides.

3.      Swiper

swiper low

This is an ultra lightweight jQuery slider that is loaded with fabulous features. It provides a one-on-one touch movement but you can adjust its configuration in the setting. The slider can respond to the movement of a mouse click when the slides are viewed on a desktop. It also comes with a scroll prevention feature with a built-in pagination control. You can also configure the slides to display automatically or activate the loop mode in order to get an infinite scrolling movement on the slides. Swiper provides great touch interface features that you can enjoy of using when creating your slides.

4.      Animated Responsive Image Grid


If you are looking for an animated element to use in your slides, this jQuery slider is a good option to consider. It comes with a responsive image grid that comes into transitions with timing and animations. One can upload many images and set up to show random images on the slides as a background. You can define the number of columns and rows that you want to appear on the grid and adjust the size options to appear on the screen width of your choice.

5.      Wow jQuery Slider


This is a perfect jQuery slider for someone who does not want to use any codes and image editing for their website slider. Wow slider comes with a special visual effect and templates that are ready to use. Its point and click wizard allows its users to create fantastic sliders in a matter of seconds. If you want an easy to use jQuery slider without the hassle of configuring your sliders, this one is for you.

6.      Elastic Image Slideshow with Thumbnail Preview

Elastic low

This slider offers a unique feature of presenting your slide images in a thumbnail preview where you can sort through which slide image you want to view. As you navigate through the thumbnails, the slideshow can adjust automatically on the container. You can select an auto play option to allow the slideshow to transition from one slide image to another. The slider is created with the combination of CSS and Java Script and is highly responsive.

7.      jQuery Responsive Thumbnail Gallery Plugin


This is a responsive jQuery slider that comes with a gallery of images that you can scale in size to fit the container to showcase each image. This is a great slider that you can use as the plugin allows you to seamlessly display your images on the slider without much technically involved. You need to direct a specific image in full and the thumbnail images in the setting which is a great jQuery slider for creating banners or displaying your products.

8.     Camera


This jQuery slider allows you to add caption to your slide shows. It is supported with HTML elements with transition effects on your slides. It also has an Ajax contact form generator, eCommerce ready, BBPress ready and infinite skins available to match your website design concept. Its admin panel is very convenient to use and it is a camera slideshow ready to use for your website.

9.      BxSlider


This jQuery slider could easily adapt to the size of the screen of the device that your website is being viewed from whether on a vertical, horizontal or fading modes. Whether you want to showcase an image, HTML content or video it is easy to integrate them on the slides with slide animation effect using CSS techniques. It comes with great themes to choose from with a small file that makes it lightweight and quick to load. It is supported by different browsers and many other settings for you to tweak to create the best slide shows for your website.

10.    Simple Multi-Item Slider


If you are aiming to use a jQuery slide for your eCommerce site, this is a slider that will work best to your interest. It comes with a minimalist online store design slider that displays a superior quality animation presentation of your products. You can present a creatively designed slider in order to entice the online shoppers who are visiting your online shop. Create categories in order to display sell your products in an organized manner and the sliders will give your online shop visitors a unique way of exploring your products and services through an animated slider presentation.

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