The Best Data Visualization Tools for Big Data

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Data visualization tools are rapidly becoming more popular as small companies and large corporations race to take advantage of their big data. Big data defies traditional reporting techniques due to the extreme amounts of information that are stored and kept, which means data visualization is often the only method by which any reliable conclusions can be reached. Data visualization allows a company to create a cohesive understanding of their data without having to approach it in its raw format, which is often simply impossible.

Tableau Paints the Picture

tableau easy

Tableau is one of the leading big data analysis, visualization and information sharing utilities available today. This program offers an extensive amount of control over data, including interactive mapping, dashboards and gauges. The visualized data can either be shared through a local network, on the internet or through email. Overall, Tableau is one of the fastest and easiest ways that a company can plug their data in and create a constructive visualization of their statistics. Tableau Online has also been developed as a Software as a Service platform that operates on the cloud and can be quickly deployed. Once deployed, Tableau Online can be viewed on mobile devices as well as web browsers.

Data customization is where Tableau really shines, as the program can be modified for selected industries and companies. In addition to this, the program is incredibly easy to use which means that it is accessible to everyone from business analysts to lower level management. The program is geared toward providing insightful and actionable information in regards to the data that is stored. The value of the program is further elevated by the comprehensive supporting documents and the live training offered by the technical support team.

Birst Lets You Think Fast

Birst Think Fast

Birst is an incredibly accessible big data visualization program that can be viewed on practically any platform. Birst offers a comprehensive Software as a Service data visualization system that allows a company to generate data visualization quickly and effectively. The program can be hosted either on the cloud or locally, which adds a tremendous amount of value. A clean dashboard and user-friendly features also increase the overall productivity of users. Big data analytics can be accessed on-the-fly from a user’s tablet, PC or even mobile phone, making it one of the most versatile programs available.

Birst has been used by many high-profile clients and is geared towards large companies in complex industries. Unified business analytics offer the ability to drill down into reports and create pivot tables quickly and effectively, while the advanced analytics features offer OLAP-style point and click analysis along with report generation. Birst also has its own logical query language similar to SQL which can be used for more advanced reporting techniques. Finally, the program allows users to easily collaborate and share their documents. The generated reports and visualizations can be disseminated using a variety of file formats and a variety of distribution methods.

QlikView Offers a Quick View

qlikview big data

QlikView is a comprehensive data visualization and business discovery tool. This program offers a company the ability to pipe in data from multiple sources and to associate the data as is necessary. Real-time collaboration is supported, which means that an entire team can explore data together through a variety of platforms including mobile devices and personal computers. QlikView also supports a variety of applications which can be used to increase the functionality of the base application as well as to customize the program for certain industries or companies.

This program creates data visualizations that aren’t just fast and efficient, but are also visually appealing to shareholders and executives alike. QlikView focuses on representing big data in a relevant and contextual fashion that can be easily understood by everyone in the company, not just the analysts and the IT professionals. QlikView offers a myriad of choices for a business as far as how they want their data to be modeled and how they wish to develop the physical architecture of their system. QlikView also offers a unique hybrid approach to physical architecture that allows users to run the program in local memory while the data is brought in through external sources. Companies that are interested in QlikView can also try out their free personal edition.

SAP BusinessObjects Boosts Decision Making

SAP Business Intelligence

The SAP BusinessObjects program is geared towards helping companies through the phase between developing an active strategy and actually implementing it. This program is unique in that it offers multi-layered data paths for customers, business analysts and executive management. This means that users from all levels of skill and business acumen will be able to access the same data through reports that create a meaningful context for them.

The SAP BusinessObjects suite is targeted at making big data and data visualization truly useful to the end user, making the program very useful for companies that need varying levels of access to their big data. In addition to this, SAP BusinessObjects can integrate directly with commonly used products such as Microsoft Office and Salesforce.

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