Online Password Security [Infographic]

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The passwords that you set both online and in the real world are things that are extremely important when it comes to keeping your life secure and private. In a world where the vast majority of your personal data is online and only protected by a simple password or PIN number, the passwords you use are extremely important.

The vast majority of people that use passwords online use extremely weak passwords – a whopping 4 percent of all passwords on the internet are actually just the word “password” – about as insecure as one could get.

It’s not just about how complicated of a password you use, though – it’s also about how often you use that single password. 33 percent of people simply use the exact same password for every site, and they figure that because their password is strong (using different types of characters and/or extremely long strings of them) they can just use it wherever. The problem is that sometimes websites are compromised, and user’s passwords are stolen. This means that every place that user uses that website has also inadvertently been lost to the person who has access to these passwords.

All these interesting facts as well as more information that can help you find out about password habits, and whether or not you’re doing all you can do, can be found in this educational infographic from


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