Memorable Websites are not Always the Number 1 Goal

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Every client that wants a website designed wants an amazing website that shines. Every client wants the next great site, but not every client needs a unique website that people visit and say “Wow, this was the best experience I’ve ever had!”

Now don’t get me wrong, the site has to be perfect for the customer’s needs. What I’m saying is it does not need all the frills, bells and whistles available. Sometimes the design has to take a back seat to the other assets the client has.

Like a Strong Message

There are many businesses with a clear, strong message that should be highlighted front and center. Messages that sell the service or the product clearly are the best kinds of text a designer can ask for. Building around that message would be in your best interest. is a good example of a designer who built around the message. The rest of the design is a simple long form site with a featured section, but the number one feature is a simple 2 sentence message that explains why their service is exactly what a client needs.

The design of virtual management’s site doesn’t sing all by itself, but the message it features is spot on. If I had one suggestion for that site would be to slow down the automatic scrolling of the features. I can’t keep up!

Or a Perfect Product

Products are another form of message, but this is usually done with imagery instead of text. If your design highlights the perfect product well, the product becomes what is memorable. In cases where the product is beautiful and can sell itself, it should be the feature.

The obvious example of an under-designed site that highlights the product is Apple’s iPhone page. You’re immediately hit with a rendered image of the iPhone. There is almost nothing else to be seen besides the navigation bar and a link to the advertisements for iPhone.

By simply placing the product front and center, the product becomes memorable. The website takes a back seat, which is exactly what it needs to do.

Sometimes Though, You Have to Make Memorable

When the message isn’t clear or is always changing, and there is no product the highlight, the design needs to take the reins.

La Presse spent 40 million dollars designing and building their iPad app . They knew that the message they have, the news, wouldn’t stand out from the rest of their competition. All news is similarly written since they’re reporting the same facts. Likewise, there is no physical product to feature on their app.

They called upon their designers and developers to produce the best experience they could come up with. What they developed is quite honestly, the best designed news app I have ever experienced.

Your Responsibility

Finding what's Memorable

Allowing your design to take a back seat to a feature that’s more important is a sign of a mature designer. Image Source

As a designer, your responsibility is to find the design that matches the client. Don’t be afraid to let your work take a back seat to their message or their product, but be prepared to explain why a memorable website design isn’t always in their best interest. Clients may not understand the strength that their message or product has.

You need to spot what needs to be highlighted, and make that memorable.

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