Twitter Bootstrap is probably the best thing to have happened to web design since the development of HTML5. Originally created by a couple of developers at Twitter (who have since moved out to develop Bootstrap full-time) to streamline and standardize document development, Bootstrap has quickly grown to become one of the best loved development frameworks […]


For years, we were constrained in our HTML and CSS by boring typefaces like Arial and Times New Roman, ensuring that all users could see the same thing. When you absolutely needed a special typeface that your users wouldn’t have on their systems, you’d use an image or Flash instead of text. Innovations in Web […]


Most of the jquery galleries are either only image galleries or are very less customizable .We may like to display any sort of content in our galleries like images,texts ,buttons etc. So  a fully customizable gallery is the topic of this post.The code uses simple div tags as the gallery content, so we can insert […]


Hundreds of light years (now don’t ask me what is a light year, all I know it is same as a regular year, but with less calories!) away from the galaxy there lived a super intelligent species with big eyes & green naked (or wearing some sort of green bio-mechanical suit!) skin called extrachlorophylletron in […]


Minification of JavaScript and CSS files is one of the best practices to keep your site’s load time to the minimum, especially important for the first time visitors. In organized projects, minification is part of the deployment process and it is integrated into that very smoothly using appropriate tools. If you wish to minify the […]


I am pretty sure that there are bunches of animation lovers like me who would be happy to add a little bit of animated stuffs into their pages. Say, we want to give a thrill to our visitors, so they may feel clouds are passing by our pages. Exactly, we will create layers of clouds […]


This sliding hover effect script is an easy method to add some flavor to your navigation.


Download this CSS cheat sheet for easy reference to CSS shorthand properties.


This simple JavaScript accordion is only 1.65 kilobytes when packed. If you have a small project that could use a JavaScript accordion and don’t want to include an entire JavaScript framework to do the job then give this script a try.


CSS shorthand can help improve code readability and file size. This article demonstrates this though a series of examples.