MySQL is considered a reliable, performance-driven database that is used by many organizations to develop cost-effective database applications. Albeit database corruption is rare with MySQL, you will find cases where your database fails to respond to queries, exhibits abnormal behavior, or becomes inaccessible. Let us delve deeper into some of these cases and discuss their […]


The ‘mysqldump’ is a tool to back up a single database or a set of databases, and then move the backed up copies to a different server (can be SQL Server or MySQL server). This backup program creates a ‘dump’ of select databases to a preferred location. Typically, the process involves forming a group of […]


MySQL is known for its ease-of-use, performance, and scalability. The versions prior to MySQL 5.5 have MyISAM as their default database storage engine. In MySQL 5.5, the default settings have been changed as InnoDB becomes the default database storage engine. This change has brought a handful of significant improvements in the lives of database users […]

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