Weird problem with image size....

Hi all,

I'm new to TinySlideshow - and have something wierd going on.....

I wanted a larger image - so set the sizes to 700*465.

The 'fish' images display in the top left corner, original size.

No problem - as expected.

When I loaded my first 2 photos (taken on a DSLR) their natural aspect gave me the 700*465.

No problem - displayed as expected.

My next photo was taken with a compact - with a different aspect ration.

If I set the size to 700*560 - the width is right, but the image goes over the thumbs.

If I set the size to 6??*465 - so the hight is correct - it is expanded to fit the width, and overlaps the thimbs.

If I set the canvas size to 700*465 it is streched in both directions!!

This is completly mad, and defies logic (at least mine!)

I have made some changes to style.css, and have little expertise in this.

Here's how it looks:


#slideshow {list-style:none; color:#fff}

#slideshow span {display:none}

#wrapper {width:706px; margin:50px auto; display:none}

#wrapper * {margin:0; padding:0}

#fullsize {position:relative; width:700px; height:465px; padding:2px; border:1px solid #ccc; background:#000}

#information {position:absolute; bottom:0; width:700px; height:0; background:#000; color:#fff; overflow:hidden; z-index:200; opacity:.7; filter:alpha(opacity=70)}

#information h3 {padding:4px 8px 3px; font-size:14px}

#information p {padding:0 8px 8px; display:none}

#image {width:700px}

#image img {position:absolute; z-index:25; width:auto}

.imgnav {position:absolute; width:25%; height:306px; cursor:pointer; z-index:150}

#imgprev {left:0; background:url(images/left.gif) left center no-repeat}

#imgnext {right:0; background:url(images/right.gif) right center no-repeat}

#imglink {position:absolute; height:471px; width:100%; z-index:100; opacity:.4; filter:alpha(opacity=40)}

.linkhover {background:url(images/link.gif) center center no-repeat}

#thumbnails {margin-top:15px}

#slideleft {float:left; width:20px; height:81px; background:url(images/scroll-left.gif) center center no-repeat; background-color:#222}

#slideleft:hover {background-color:#333}

#slideright {float:right; width:20px; height:81px; background:#222 url(images/scroll-right.gif) center center no-repeat}

#slideright:hover {background-color:#333}

#slidearea {float:left; position:relative; width:656px; margin-left:5px; height:81px; overflow:hidden}

#slider {position:absolute; left:0; height:81px}

#slider img {cursor:pointer; border:1px solid #666; padding:2px}

Can the 'experts' see anyhting obvious I have missed?

Can load this up if folk want to see what I mean!!

Many thanks

asked Apr 3, 2011 by anonymous

1 Answer

0 votes
Have you tried changing:

#image img {position:absolute; z-index:25; width:auto}


#image img {position:absolute; z-index:25; height:100%}

answered Apr 3, 2011 by anonymous
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