Tinybox2 not displaying correctly on my website.


I have implemented Tinbox2 on my website and it works great on all updated browsers.  On one of my computers, I am using IE7 to test.  The tinbox2 demos on your website work flawlessly but on my website, they don't display correctly.  When I click the link to open the tinybox, they are diaplyed in the bottom left hand corner and I have to scroll down to see the whole box.  Here is the syntax to the links:

<a href="#" onclick="TINY.box.show({url:'eventdisplay.php?id=20',opacity:40})">St. Johnsbury W</a>

Website is located at http://www.eventvt.com I have also attached a picture so that you can see what's going on:


Thank you for your help.

asked Apr 21, 2011 by anonymous

1 Answer


I used TINY.box on my old seattle internet marketing website.  You need to do something like this to get your query to work correctly:


<a href="#" onclick="TINY.box.show({url:'eventdisplay.php', post:'id=20',opacity:40})">St. Johnsbury W</a>

answered Jun 21, 2011 by anonymous
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