How to get the row IDs being currently displayed in the active view?


I'm using Tinytable V3 for showing data in an ordered fashion but I have a problem with it. I have a checkbox in each row and I've implemented a set of multi-selection functions to select all checkboxes, invert the selection and deselect all.

What I really need to do is select all (to name a typical usage scenario) checkboxes visible in the table, because if I have a list of 84 entries (clients, providers, books, movies, etc.) and I use the search box to limit the search and I get, for example, 7 results, my active view is composed of 7 entries, and not 84.

So that's the problem... my initialization looks like this:

var sorter = new TINY.table.sorter('sorter','table',{headclass:'head',ascclass:'asc',descclass:'desc',evenclass:'evenrow',oddclass:'oddrow',evenselclass:'evenselected',oddselclass:'oddselected',paginate:true,size:10,colddid:'columns',currentid:'currentpage',totalid:'totalpages',startingrecid:'startrecord',endingrecid:'endrecord',totalrecid:'totalrecords',hoverid:'selectedrow',pageddid:'pagedropdown',navid:'tablenav',sortcolumn:1,sortdir:1,init:true});

Ideally, I could be selecting my ID's like sorter[i] or something similar. So my question is that of my question title: How do I get the row ID's being currently displayed in the active view?

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asked Jan 1, 2012 by anonymous

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