Why is TinyBox2 so slow at my website?

At http://chesstao.com/about.php there is a table listing chess gamescores. Click on a <tr> to load a game with TinyBox2. Problem is that subsequent popups are slow to load (+3-5 seconds) and on closing the mask persists for a few seconds and doesn't disappear instantly.

<tr class="gradeA" onclick="TINY.box.show({iframe:'games/BG-1007.php',width:1000,height:535})"><td>08/22/2006</td>

I found that by omitting my other js view-source:http://chesstao.com/javascript.php that the performance of TinyBox2 was superb!


asked Aug 27, 2012 by anonymous
edited Aug 27, 2012

1 Answer

I am not sure how the coorelation of the other script would be relevant, that is odd. That being said if you look at the net tab in Firebug as you click on the items you will notice a couple requests per load that never complete and around four elements that 404 on top of a relatively slow page, all of which will slow the operation down. I would start by cleaning that page up and resolving the issues I mentioned. If you are still having issues then let me know.
answered Aug 27, 2012 by Michael (5,600 points)
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