Designers like me like to draw layouts. We love structure. We love plotting navigation and UX. However, when designing a website, we rarely pay attention to the copy that goes in the design until the very end of the process. This causes fonts to be awkward and verbiage to be… well awkward too. Awkward text […]


As a designer, you want to make a work of art. I know I do. Our personal goal is to make the best looking site we’ve ever made, with that one (or more) nifty feature that nobody else has. If you had your way, the only usability test performed would be your own usability. Sadly, works of art […]

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The passwords that you set both online and in the real world are things that are extremely important when it comes to keeping your life secure and private. In a world where the vast majority of your personal data is online and only protected by a simple password or PIN number, the passwords you use […]

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Twitter Bootstrap is probably the best thing to have happened to web design since the development of HTML5. Originally created by a couple of developers at Twitter (who have since moved out to develop Bootstrap full-time) to streamline and standardize document development, Bootstrap has quickly grown to become one of the best loved development frameworks […]


Hundreds of light years (now don’t ask me what is a light year, all I know it is same as a regular year, but with less calories!) away from the galaxy there lived a super intelligent species with big eyes & green naked (or wearing some sort of green bio-mechanical suit!) skin called extrachlorophylletron in […]


I am pretty sure that there are bunches of animation lovers like me who would be happy to add a little bit of animated stuffs into their pages. Say, we want to give a thrill to our visitors, so they may feel clouds are passing by our pages. Exactly, we will create layers of clouds […]


In this article, I want to show you how to use a template in JQuery. It is a best practice to not embed the html codes in the JavaScript code. Using this best practice makes the code clearer and also more maintainable.Using template is one neat approach for applying this best practice. To use template […]

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